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In times of disaster or great need, toilet paper could become scarce. Even if you've stockpiled it, it could run out.  This will not be happy if you haven't learned how to take care of things without it.

You might not know that ⅔ of the world already doesn't use toilet paper!  They have figured out how to handle bathroom sanitation without it, and they do it really well.  We can use what they have learned and improve upon it.  That's what we’re doing here with our portable bidet kit.

What much of the world does is to use a cup or ladle, water, and one hand -- then, hopefully, they use some more water and soap to clean up that one hand.  We can improve upon this method to our happy satisfaction with the following simple kit:

a latex or nitrile glove, a squirt bottle, some water, and a piece of cloth

The squirt bottle can be a peri-bottle - which you can buy at medical supply stores for about 79¢, or you can use a ketchup or mustard squirt bottle, or a water bottle with a pop-up sports lid (at convenience stores for about 99¢).

Bobby Bunny is featured in the video above as a demo model to demonstrate how this can work.  First, Bobby goes to the bathroom and has done everything there is to do there.  Now either Bobby's mother or Bobby himself has to clean up his little bottom.

This is done so easily by just squirting some water down Bobby's little bottom with one hand while wiping away whatever's there with the other gloved hand.  Just like with washing a car, unless you have a power squirter nozzle, just squirting water on things won’t get it clean.  You have to rub over the “affected area” while water runs over it.  Then you can squirt off those gloved fingers with a little more water.  This gloved hand is not hermitically sealed, but it's looking pretty good visually, which helps and is way better than not squirting it off!  Then with your cleaner hand, you can use the cloth -- NOT TO CLEAN BOBBY'S BOTTOM, but merely to blot it dry. 

The amount of water this takes when using a squirt bottle is only 1-2 oz.!  This leaves you 7-8 oz. for washing your gloved hands and even washing the little cloth you used to blot things dry.  In a disaster when water is at a premium, this will be really important.

If you used a cloth to clean a dirty bottom, the amount of water it would take to clean that cloth would be prohibitive, and that would quickly become a real problem in a disaster. 

Once you’ve washed the cloth and wrung it out, put it in a little jar of water with some chlorine bleach in it (like 1 tsp. bleach into 1/2 c. of water, or a few grains of pool or spa chlorine chemical (which has a many-year shelf-life) into the 1/2 c. of water.  Leave that cloth there getting totally, 100% sanitized until the next time you go to the bathroom.  You can keep 2 cloths going for each person’s kit, and that’s all you need.  You can refresh this water once a week with some new water and more chlorine.

The best kind of cloth to use is some kind of soft, absorbent cotton -- like a piece of a cloth diaper, or some muslin, etc.  One cloth diaper can be cut up into 16 pieces, and if you edge them and keep washing them - like after each use when you wash your gloved hands, 1 diaper would last you for an entire year, or more.

So, of course, if you have enough water, the ideal thing is to wash your gloved hands with soap and water, and then pull off the gloves inside out. 

The next time you are needing to re-use the gloves for the same kind of thing, you can just CAREFULLY turn them right-side-out by blowing them like a ballon without touching the unhappier side.  (The video above demonstrates this.)

Ideally, each member of the family could have their own bidet kit.  If you are doing this rather than sharing a bidet kit, we recommend that you label the kits and all parts of the kit. You can have many clean cloths available, or each person can keep track of their own one.

The time to learn how to do this is now.  Build yourself and your family kits and have them practice now so that they will be really comfortable doing this when they have no other choice.  Once everyone is good at doing this process, put the kits into your 72-hr. kit.  In one week, you can all be experts, and you’ll be surprised at how easy this is and much cleaner you are than you ever were using toilet paper!

Items needed:  5”x6” pieces of cotton cloth, latex or nitrile gloves, sports bottles, zip locks or other container to hold the kit, hand trowel for emergency burial purposes!

Here’s link to a page that will help you find all the makings for building a portable bidet kit for each member of your family:


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